Tabloid Trash
October - December 2015
Debuted @ Pratt DDA Gallery - Practicum Exhibition, December 7th, 2015

Tabloid Trash is a web application that allows users to create an image made of mismatched words and phrases from tabloid magazines. The image created could resemble a sentence, phrase, story, tabloid headlines or something else entirely. The program is to be used in the same way as one might use Magnetic Poetry refrigerator magnets, but there are a few things about Tabloid Trash that set it apart. Using the ridiculous words and phrases from tabloid magazines is not only a humorous alternative, but it also takes these words and phrases out of the context of the magazine or story itself, hopefully pointing out the negative standards and ideals it encourages in readers.
The application itself is an HTML5/canvas object that uses Javascript and jQuery for motion and user interaction. Users can refresh the 450+ word bin. Tabloid Trash was presented on a 32" single touchscreen mounted TV upon its debut. It is not available online at this time.
Photos taken throughout the exhibition's opening night show how visitors changed the content on the screen
The idea for this web application came from its interactive analog sculpture counterpart, in which the word bin is a literal trash can. Each word or phrase was individually cut from the magazine and pasted to backing board. Originally, this was a challenge to myself to create an interactive piece that used no electronic technology. It was refreshing to work intricately with my hands and produce something so tactile.
Typographic images are from the November 30, 2015, Life & Style magazine.
The image on the shuffle button comes from the Open Iconic open source icon set.

Tools used: HTML5, CSS, Javascript & jQuery, local server
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